Ana Mancini

Ana Mancini is one of the hottest and sexiest Shemales that you can find on the internet, in a club or in a magazine. Why is she so popular and so sexy? Well I would have to say that its largely because she is so close to being a she that its amazing!

Ana Mancini decided a long time ago that it was more important to her to be as feminine as she could, so she did the typical rib surgery and she also had her testicles removed! Yep she had them removed and now because of no testosterone she is one of the hottest women you will ever find!

Not to worry though Ana Mancini has a functional cock that rises to the occasion and is nice and hard. She does not shoot out a load of cum but still has all the feelings of an orgasm, without having to worry about a 5 o’clock shadow on her chin.

Check out Ana Mancini for your self and see if she is not the hottest and sexiest Shemale on the Planet!

Ana Mancini in pink lingerie

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