Body Lingerie

Body Lingerie!

Lets talk a little about Lingerie and what sort you like on your favorite Trans girl. The girl featured in this photo is none other than the super hot Nina StrongHold and she is wearing what we call body lingerie. This is the type of lingerie that covers the whole body or at least mostly. In this image she has it pulled down so that her big beautiful tits are out and showing. But if you look just a little south you can see that she has her cock showing. This of course is by the design of the lingerie.

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Body Lingerie

Two Piece lingerie

I guess because of all the different styles of lingerie we can only talk about a few of them here. But rest assured that Nina StrongHold has them all including Two Piece lingerie. This as its name implies usually has a top and a bottom. When we are super lucky they show a lot but not all and leave a lot for us to imagine. They make us want to take it off the girl and they make us need to get her naked. The two piece and often be one of the sexier types of lingerie.

Three Piece Lingerie

But lets not forget the other option and that is the Three Piece lingerie. Usually it is the top and bottom combined with some sort of stockings, pantyhose or socks. They normally all have heels included and they all look amazing when the girl has them on. So only take off what you have to so you can enjoy the full view while you are fucking the girl. Dont forget to also compliment her over and over about how sexy she looks so that she keeps wearing new and exciting lingerie for you.

If you want other sample photos and videos you can always surf around on this site by clicking on this text. Nina StrongHold Naked.

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