For a lot of women out there and trans girls included. The only way that they show cleavage is to squeeze their tits together. However that is not so for all girls. And especially not so for a lot of trans girls. Trans girls tend to get bigger implants then regular girls and that means that they have a lot more cleavage to show off. A trans girl does not really need to squeeze her tits together. However some of them do. And when a girl like Naomi Chi who already has big trans girl tits does the squeeze. Well it creates a mountain of cleavage to enjoy. Just take a look at the photo below to see what I am talking about!

Most of you know Naomi Chi as the blonde busty trans beauty with big tattoos on her nipples. Some of you know also about her big tranny ass and her thick and juicy tranny cock. And you guys are the lucky ones because you are already fans. However if you dont know much about Naomi, now is the perfect time to get into her private and exclusive members area. Being a member has advantages! Want to get inside?


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