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I just love those old victorian houses so today i went to visit a friend who looks after one. I got nice and dressed up for him though, because he especially likes it when i look like a real She Male fuck toy and i always notice a bulge in his trousers when he see’s me. I put on some knee high Fuck Me Boots and horny lace stockings and went to meet my friend.

I arrived at this stately mansion and as soon as i entered the door, a large suit of armour stood in front of me. I started thinking about being welcomed in by a muscular knight and i could feel my transvestite member getting stiff. I slid my hand down my body and over my knickers and i could feel my transvestite member growing. My legs felt so sexy in my long boots and lacy stockings and i started to rub my cock gently.

This little transvestite wench needed to be nailed. I knew it as i stroked my TransGender rod harder, crouching down and spreading my legs wide. My ass hole spread open wide, i could feel the air on it as i pulled my underwear to the side and yanked my transvestite rod fast. I pushed one finger into my tight behind and wanked my member until my sweet cum errupted over my lacy stockings.

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