Curvy trans Kimber James.

Well I am certain that by now you all know this Curvy trans Kimber James.  Honestly just look at the image below and you can see what we mean when we say Curvy Trans. That body has more curves than a road in the mountains and its amazing to look at.

Can you just imagine the feeling of that body against yours in bed? Think about it. Close your eyes and picture it. The sheets are pushed down. You are standing next to the bed looking down at those trans curves. How the sides of Kimbers big tits are over her rib cage. How her hips curve out and down into her juicy thighs. Now lay down next to her body and start to caress her. The feel of her heavy and big round tits. Running your hand over her flat stomach!

Curvy trans Kimber James
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Now run you hand over the top of her hips. Gently and softly take her cock in your hand. Make sure to lean in and kiss her soft lips. Put your tongue in her mouth at the same time you begin to stroke her cock. Can you feel her cock hardening in your hand? Her breathing going faster and deeper?

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