Erection in the shower

Most of us get an erection in the shower from time to time. Or we get into the shower with one. Sometimes we are very lucky and have someone give us an erection in the shower. But in my opinion its never as hot as when Angeles Cid has one. Damn that cock is huge. Not just long. But her cock is also very fat. The head is almost the same size as the shaft and it looks amazing. Nice and thick and hard. You just want to reach out and take it in you hand.

Now sitting here looking at that photo of Angeles Cid and her Erection in the shower. What would you do? How would things play out if you found her in the shower like this? I think for a lot of men the first thing would be a nice kiss. ( Hope she brushed first ). And as your lips touch, one of your hands would take hold of her cock. Giving it a soft touch and the grabbing it a little more firmly. Stroking her cock as you kiss her deeper. Feeling her moan into your lips. Talk about HOT. Tell us below what you think would happen.

Erection in the shower

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