Eva Cassini! She loves to be tied up!

Eva Cassini! She loves to be tied up! Have you ever tied up a tranny? A hot ass tranny like Eva Cassini? Wow what an amazing and hot thing to do. So, you meet her, you talk to her and you tie her up. Then what? Well I for one would tease her with anything that I could. From putting dildos into her tight ass hole to tickling her cock and balls with something like a feather.

So once I have her hard as a cock, I can then either stroke her until she cums or I can hold her cock in position while I sit on it, or I can flip her over and abuse her ass hole with mine. I would be able to do anything I wanted. She would also be able to do nothing to stop me! So lets not forget a ball gag as well. That way, its a little more private.

When you use a bar like you see in the photo below you ensure she can not stop you. I can tie that bar to the top of the bed. I can also secure it to her feet putting her at my mercy. With her feet behind her I can access her cock and also her balls. with her feet in front of her, I have total control of her ass hole. So then it just depends on what I have planned to do to her while she is Tied Up. Eva Cassini loves this sort of play and looks for it often. If you like it as well, then you will love a good number of the sets in her members area!

Eva Cassini

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