Hannah Sweden

Hannah Sweden is actually from Sweden and still lives there. She is one of the few Swedish shemales that you will find that look as good as she does that has a website online. From the day Hannah started her site her fans have poured in to see more of this amazing body. She has the tits that most women envy and the shape and fantasies that most men love!

If you are looking for a Swedish Shemale that also loves to play with domination, big toys for her ass and has a great set of tits then Hannah Sweden is the perfect girl for you. She has a fully functional cock and loves getting off and shooting her cum load any place she can. Wait till you see it glistening on the latex that she wears!

Check out Hannah Sweden’s website today and be one of her fans and play things. Don’t miss out on her webcam shows and all the fun. Not to worry, she does speak English so the shows are quite exciting.

Hannah Sweden

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