Kimbers ass.

Kimbers ass.

Does that sound like a place you would like to be. Deep inside Kimbers ass that is! Can you just imagine what it would feel like. How exciting to get her naked. Slowly taking her clothes off and caressing her body. Touching those big and amazing round tits of hers.

Feeling Kimber breathe in deep as you caress and lick her nipples and then down her side to her slowly stiffening cock? Now move around to her round bubble butt and spread those ass cheeks. Not to wide, but just enough to get your tongue in and wet her love hole.

Kimbers ass

Now that you have her hole wet, take your cock and squeeze it to get more precum out. Use that to lube the head of your cock and start to push it against her tight ass. You are going to feel her chest heave as your cock penetrates her. Push slowly. Hole her tits from behind with your hands. Pinch her nipples and push your had love rod as deep as it can go. Then thrust with your hips and feel her gasp!

Click on the image above right now or one of the text links. You can watch the moive of this lucky guy doing just that to Kimbers ass. Watch her love the cock as it goes deep.

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