Ninas Anal Toy

When it comes to playing with ass, Nina has to be on the top of most men’s list of girls. She has an amazing ass and for that matter she has an amazing body. With soft full lips and a pretty face framed by long hair. Her tits are big and round and by most standards perfect. She even has side boob when viewed from the back and that is hot. And that ass. Oh how tight that ass it. In fact we found out from speaking with Nina that her ass is so tight the only way to keep it ready for sex is to keep an anal toy handy. Ninas anal toy is used to keep her hole from being so tight that it hurts. Needless to say she also loves having the toy inside her.

When ever Nina is alone or has not had a date in a few days she pulls out her toy and plays with it. Inserting it into her tight ass slowly. Caressing her own nipples to make them hard and make a shiver of pleasure run through her body. Touching her cock and balls and running her fingers down to her love hole to feel the anal toy as it slowly pushes past the tightest spot and then Pops into her love tunnel. Yeah I know its so hot to watch and you need to do that right now. You need to see Ninas anal toy as it goes in. Click on the text links to join her right now and watch the movie.

Ninas anal toy

If you click the image it will show you a few more sample galleries of Nina and her toy.

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