Oiled ass and spread wide.

It is so hot when you find the right trans girl. She will do things for you and to you that no one ever has before. Can you picture this in your mind. You are dating Naomi Chi. You talk with her during your work day and tell her its been a hard day. At that she perks up and says well I can help with hard. You seem and feel a little confused but you head home and find her waiting right in front of the door like you see her in the photo below. Oiled ass and spread wide. What do you do? How do you deal with an oiled ass and spread wide after a rough day at work?

What Naomi is counting on and what you will most likely do. Is to drop your things, slam the door and drop right to your knees. As you slide a finger into her oiled ass you will take her cock in the other hand and either stroke it or suck it. No matter to her as either heats her up and lets her know that showing you her oiled ass and spread wide pose got you instantly hot and ready to fuck. So strip your cloths off and sink your hard cock into that oiled ass right away.

Oiled ass and spread wide

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