Platinum Blonde trans girl

So. How about a Platinum blonde trans girl? Would you be interested in playing with her? Well good. So lets talk a little about the Platinum blonde trans girl that we have for you. Some of you might already know her. Others maybe not. But we do assure you that you would enjoy sticking your cock in her if you met her. So with that in mind. Keep reading so that you can learn a bit more.

We start out with this Platinum blonde trans girl for you. Her name is Afrika Kampos. She is trans of course and she lives in Mexico. Afrika is 32 years old. She adores coffee dates and also walking around town. Going to dinner is also fun as she loves to dress in cocktail dresses and things like that. Afrika also knows that not every one will accept a Platinum blonde trans girl but she is so perfect in her appearance that no one knows.

Afrika Kampos

As we said Afirka Kampos is a Mexican girl that loves to enjoy her life. Travel is always fun and she has done so extensively in Mexico and a few South American countries. She has also enjoyed a lot of time living near the beach.

For Afrika Kampos a nice day would be coffee and toast at a nice cafe. A brisk walk someplace that is safe and with an enjoyable view. Then a hot shower with her guy. A little time to sit and chat and relax and then off shopping or sight seeing. Finally showering again with her man and then getting dressed for Dinner. Now the hot think about Afrika Kampos is that she loves showing off her body. She has the gentle curves of a woman and nice size tits. So she always finds a dress that accents those things about her.

Platinum Blonde trans girl

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Being a Platinum Blonde always draws attention. Men and women look when she walks into a store or anywhere really. They want to see who she is and why she is there. They also want to know who the beautiful Platinum Blonde is with. So when Dating Afrika make sure to always look your best.

Also do not forget that old saying. Platinum Blondes have more fun! Well it may or may not be true but you will enjoy time with Afrika. She is hot and she loves to keep things steamy. So do not forget that being with a Platinum Blonde will add a lot of excitement to your life.

Trans girl

Now guys. If you have never dated a trans girl you might want to take things slow. However do listen to your trans girl as she is going to tell you how slow or hot fast to move. If on the first date in the car she puts her hand on your knee and then moves it around a lot. Well you might want to try the same with her. Most of the time a Trans girl will be a lot faster then a GG. But that is a good thing. you do not waste time and you get to have a lot of fun with her. So ask your trans girl how fast she wants to move.

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