Sexy white stockings.

How does it feel when you arrive to meet your trans girl and you find her wearing sexy white stockings? Does your hear skip a beat? Do you instantly want to rip her clothes off and see those stockings on her legs. To view her wearing the heels as well. With nothing but that? What is your fantasy? With or without the bra. Does she need to keep the heels on? Or rather than a set of sexy white stockings, she wears another color for you? What color wold it be? Black or red or skin?

What sort of skirt do you want her to have on? The super shot sexy school girl fantasy one or a real one she can wear in public? Let us know what you think and then make sure and tell Naomi. As you can see she looks amazing in her white stockings. She also looks amazing with that big juicy cock hanging out.

Sexy white stockings

You can clearly see that Naomi looks rather at home wearing something like this. She loves to look great and owning this sort of lingerie is one of the ways that she does that. She keeps her body in shape so that wearing something like this comes and looks natural. Click now to see more of her and how her ass looks as well.

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