Slutty Club dress

After a long day of working a friend asked me to hang out at a bar. So of course I went. We were just having a drink and watching the girls and I notices how many of them were wearing a Slutty Club dress. It got me thinking about the way that Afrika Kampos dresses to go clubbing. So when I got to my laptop this morning I found this photo set. Afrika Kampos in her Slutty Club dress. And man does this one ever meet that criteria. Half naked. Short skit, high heels and well if she had panties on you could see them. Instead you get to see her big trans girl cock hanging down. And yeah, that is so fucking hot its amazing. Oh and the color of the dress looks amazing on her.

This photo set was really shot one night on her way to the clubs. Afrika was getting dressed and had not yet put on her panties. So the camera got some great photos of her as she was dressing. She was also teasing the camera guy. But it came out hot as hell and I wanted to share the Slutty Club dress set with you. Now to see more of this hot dress and that big cock hanging down from the skirt, you simply need to click on a text link or the image. Once you click fill in the form and get yourself into the exclusive members area right now!

Slutty Club Dress

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