Stockings and panties

Check out this hot photo of some very sexy stockings and panties! If your asking yourself what makes stockings and panties sexy, well its the trans girl that is wearing them of course. And in this set of Stockings and panties we have the beautiful and sensual Naomi Chi!

Now that we have that part established we can talk about what we are looking at in this hot photo. Naomi was wearing heels but had to remove them. In the next photos you will see that her legs go up onto the sofa and she did not want to damage it. So she was sitting in just the stockings at the moment of this photo. She also still had these very sexy and transparent panties on. As you can see she might as well not have them on. Her big fat and juicy cock is completely visible as well as her delicious balls.

But once the panties and stockings come off we really get the view we want of that trans girl body. She shows off her love hole, or tranny pussy as some of you call it. And she gets her cock nice and hard.

Stockings and panties

Click on the image above or a text link. You can see the photos and movie in Naomi’s members area and you will love it.

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