Tall Blonde trans girl

So when looking for a trans girl what is the one thing that you want? For me and like a lot of other men. I love a tall blonde trans girl. I dont care if she is taller than I am but I do also want to see a big set of titties on her. And usually on a tall blonde trans girl with big tits. You also get a big cock. SCORE!!!! Yep. Then you have the complete package. Oh and yeah they usually have a big ass as well. That means lots of cushion for pushin. 🙂

Take a look at this beauty. Her name is Azaneth and as you can see she is the perfect girl that I described above. Talle blonde trans girl. Big tits and a big cock. She also happens to have a big ass. Yep lots of junk in that trunk. As with most trans girls she is both active and passive but for the most part loves to be in control. She likes to take things in hand and then put her thing in your hole. So smile and be ready for some of the hottest action ever with Azaneth.

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Tall blonde trans girl

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