Thick trans legs in heels

Thick trans legs in heels! Ok so we have two things going on here that are a bit odd. However they are also something to talk about. The first is the title of this post. Thick trans legs in heels! Legs can not be in heels. Feet can but not legs. However thick feet would not be a good topic for a trans girl. But thick legs on the other hand. Well its a little slice of heaven.

The second thing is the photo its self of Alessandra Blonde. Her legs are great and have an amazing shape. But they are not truly as thick as they seem in this photo. But they sure do look tasty and like a slice of heaven. Can you imagine pulling her dress off of her. Then slipping her panties down over those thick thighs. Spreading her legs and moving in between them. Having her thighs hold your body tight. Then sitting down on top of her cock. As it penetrates your ass she gets to look into your eyes and see and feel your expression of pain and pleasure.

Click on the image to see more of this set right now!
Thick trans legs in heels

Do not miss out on seeing these legs.

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