Trans girl ass

Lots of guys out there like the trans girl ass to be one of those huge Bodonka Donk asses. And to me, well ok, you enjoy that. But a lot of us guys like a nice normal trans girl ass and if its just a little bigger than average well that’s a good thing.

Take for instance the ass on the beautiful Sapphire Young. She has proven to be one of the sexiest ladies that you can find and time and again she proves to be one of the hottest. Sapphire has a nice and tight ass. It actually changes shape depending on how she stands and what she is wearing. And for that reason she really loves to wear heels. She says that when she does her ass sticks way out and men tend to want to touch it. Brushing buy or accidentally bumping her ass. I guess looking at it I would as well. Hell for that I would like to ram my cock deep into it.

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Trans girl ass

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