Transparent panties.

Well this is something that we can never seem to see enough of. Transparent panties that is and no pun intended. What I mean is that every trans girl and woman should wear transparent panties and then let us see them. Flashing or just taking their clothes off. Its hot to see panties like this. Especially when we already know and want what is hidden inside them. Another neat thing about panties or a bra like this is. The way it feels to the touch. The fabric has to be made of special material and its very thin. So when you run your hands over it, it shoots an electric feel into the girl. And in this case it shoots that electric feel right into Sapphire Young’s big trans girl cock.

for those of you who do not know Sapphire very well. She actually has a pretty big cock. And its also very pretty. The head is nice and fat as is the shaft but the head has that ridge that is perfect for hitting your prostate. That is why she loves to fuck with you face down and ass up. She can put a lot of pressure on your prostate and that means that it shoots a huge load when you cum.

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Transparent panties

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