Ok so I actually have a question on this one. Is this really considered an Up-Skirt shot? I know I know who cares it’s HOT! Well I care because I want to do things right here and not blur the lines like so many people tend to do when describing something. So. Now that you have had a moment to look at this shot. Do you consider this to be Up-Skirt or not?

I guess that we just need to focus on the hotness rather than the words we use to describe it. The skirt is short and on a girl like Keira Verga that is nice because she has amazing long legs. But then when she squatted down, her skirt went up and out popped that nice cock of hers. Once it gets hard and that only takes a little bit of playing and you will see how big her cock is.

Click on the image below. You already know that your cock is telling you it wants to see more. So click, enjoy and make sure to say hello to Keira in the members area of her website.


So hot to see that you know you need to see more. Click and get started!

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