Big tits big ass trans girl.

So who is the Big tits Big ass trans girl of your dreams? Or do you more prefer the more petite girls. The smaller girls with small tits and a small ass? Or does it not effect you either way? So standing at a market where you can chose which do you buy? Big tits Big ass trans girl? Or Petite small tits small as trans girl? Which one turns you and and can butter your muffin?

Take a look at this amazing body in the photo below. You got the front view in the intro photo. But now you get the back as well. Her name is Naomi Chi and as you can see she is one of the girls with the big tits and big ass. That means she is soft and lovely to hold. However Naomi also has a nice big cock on her. So you get it all when playing with her naked.

Click on the image below to check out more of Naomi and her curvy trans girl body.
Big tits big ass trans girl

Naomi is a beauty and super fun to be around. She is also super hot. By that we mean that she is always horny. She loves to kiss and dance and have a great time as long as its all building to a great fuck at the end of the night.

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Huge cock trans.

Honestly when that term comes up who do you think of? Huge cock trans usually means just one girl and that is the super star Mariana Cordoba. Has there ever been a more beautiful and more hung star that captured your imagination? For some reason there is something about this Huge cock trans that just make every man that sees her want her. Dont get me wrong she is everything a man can want in a trans. From elegance and beauty with big tits and a huge thick and juicy cock. Mariana Cordoba has it all.

Take a look at the sample photo below. This is actually from a movie of her and can you just imagine coming home to find her waiting in a chair in your living room. Sitting like this so she is the first thing that you see when you enter? What would you do?

Huge cock trans

Most men say they would drop to their knees in front of her and just take a that huge cock as deep into their mouth as they can. Some have even told us they would rip their pants off. Lube their ass as fast as they could and guide that monster deep into their ass.

Which do you want to do? Post below and let us know.

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Trans girl tits.

So what size of trans girl tits do you like? Take a look at the set of tits below. This beauty is Alessandra Blonde and she has a pretty damn nice set of trans girl tits. Not to big and not small either. Pretty much perfect in size. At lease for us. Maybe you like them bigger or smaller. Either way post below and let us know so that we can make some posts with the size tits you like most.

Alessandra also has beautiful face and hair with a nice slim but firm body. Her ass is round and her legs are shapely and look great in high heels. Alessandra is an over all perfect trans girl and she also loves to show off her tits. Take a few minutes to enjoy the photo below.

Trans girl tits

Now that you have seen that shot can you just imagine how sexy the rest of this set is? The best part about Alessandra is that she has a big cock as well. She loves to show her entire body off and can never get enough of a good hard fuck. If you like them blonde, tall and with nice tits, she is the girl for you!

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